Installing Linux

Yesterday i get a dvd drive from my friend Nitto. From my digit dvd’s i made copies of Ubuntu linux(1) and Fedora core 3(4cds). But fedora cds are not working. So i installed Ubuntu linux. Firstly my mouse does not detected. Today i used another mouse and it is working properly. But my modem is not detected. And also it need plugins to play Mp3’s and Movies. So i need to download it. Office applications are working smoothly and in good speed. I like its starting music.Ubuntu installation is very simple compared to other linux distributions. Just specify the drive to install, select language and country. Then all other things it install automatically. During installation i found that it installed some malayalam fonts. But i dont get time to try it because of my college.
Then iam happy today because more than 30 users visited my site, visiters from Canada,Australia, US,Bombay, Germany….And mostof them are using windows xp, two or three Mac OS and 2 or 3 Linux. So thats for 2day

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  1. Dilpu says:

    Really Nice to go through the Blogs ! Is the Linux Ok now ?

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