Moving Domain from GoDaddy to Google Domains

Google Domains
Google Domains

I was using GoDaddy as my domain register for a long time and was planning to move to a better option(reliable but less costly) for last few years. But every-time I just ended up in renewing the domain in GoDaddy itself. As part of my blog update, finally I spent some time to look for an alternative option and finally I decided to move to to Google Domain.

Cost of the domain is Rs. 860.00+ Rs. 154.80 tax = Rs. 1,014.80. Compared to other domain registers, domain cost is not less but privacy protection was already included in this. So compared to GoDaddy and few other registers I tried, total cost was lightly less for Google Domain.

Transfer steps

This was straight forward, used transfer option in

  • Enter domain name
  • Goto your current register, unlock your domain and get the authorization code(often called an transfer code or EPP code)
  • Import the settings as required and complete the configuration options
  • Complete they payment
  • Thats it. It took around 1 week to get the complete the transfer and I got confirmation today
  • Looks like all the configurations were imported correctly and domain is working as expected. Subdomains are not working but I am not sure whether it is due to the transfer or something else. Need to dig again, when I get more time.
Domain Transfer

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