Vollyball tournament

Today i watch Vollyball tournament in our college, final match S4 AE and s6 AE. Our S4 AE wins the match. My best friend Alok played well and he is the man who make win. The match finished at 4.40 and so i reached my home at 7.00pm. Friday my class team will play cricket with other batch. And a sad news is that our 1st sectional exam will starts on 28th feb. So no time. Then what to write…………………No, nothing. Alt+F4

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3 Responses

  1. sydaus says:

    Dude you gotta drop backstreet boyz from your prolife’s favourite music list.
    Unless you’re a teenage girl that’s just not cool.
    Anywayz its just a suggestion.

  2. boomerang says:

    saw ur blog. its very nice. then boy i’ve to thank u for coming with me on wednesday.man that katta#### is a beautiful match for u. u just marry her. then i never had the time to say, how much i value ur friendship. i like u soooooo much friend. its soo beautiful to have friends like u.
    then kuch to nahi. fir milenge. till then bye

  3. boomerang says:

    friend i told ***** that her friend was irritating. i thought that she would be angry with me for teasing her friend ,but she was not.
    pinne ada ninta blog regularly update chiyyanam. kettoda thirumeni.
    ok bye take care

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