3 Days Remaining

OHh my god!!!!!!!!!. Only 3days remaining for my 5th semester exam. My exam will be start on 1st December and last exam is on Dec 22nd. First exam is Engineering Mathematics. Then Operating System (OS), DataBase Management System(DBMS), File Structure & Algorithms (FSA), Language Processors (LP) and finally Data Communication (DC).
Now I am using Ubuntu linux. Last week I got its new version (5.10 Breezy) and installed in my system. I like it very much. Before that I was using Fedora Core 4. I didn’t get my modem driver and since it is the new version, it is difficult to get compactable applications for that. Anyway now I have no time to write about that. I will do it after my exam. Ohk. That’s all for today. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee

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5 Responses

  1. LI says:

    ATB for ur exams 🙂

  2. Arun Vishnu M V (Kannan) says:

    Hi, Thank You LI

  3. Jithu says:

    all the best for ur exams buddy!

  4. Werner Roets says:

    Hello. I was looking for Fedora Core Screen Shots and I stumbled upon your blog. It is Very Interesting that you are Using Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu is a Zulu word meaning “together” (Or something(I don’t speak Zulu)). This Operating system is funded by a South African but is not developed here. It is good to see that an Indian like yourself is using something from a country that has made such a small mark in the I.T sector.
    South Africa is a Windows dominated Market and Linux is almost unheard of by the average person. How is the Operating System market in India. Check out my site for contact details if you are interested in replying

  5. Arun Vishnu M V (Kannan) says:

    Jithu: Thanks
    hi werner, thanks 4 ur comment.
    Then about OS market in india. I think most of the computer users in India are using pirated softwares. Nobody will buy licenced softwares. Here the users who are buying PC from companies
    which give licenced OS as the part of that PC is using licenced OS. I think more than 90% of home users are using pirated Windows. Not only the OS but also all the other softwares such as MS Office,Photoshop, Antiviruss, Flash,Adobe Premier, VB, VS,. NET etc what ever softwares they needed. This is because peoples who plan to buy a system(assembled system), will invest less than RS 30000/-($625). Most of them are middle class people. If they want to buy all licenced softwares they will need atleast $750 extra. So nobody will try to buy licenced softwares.
    The second point is that most of them don’t know about licence. They will give a list of softwares they needed when ordering the system. The assemblers will give the pc with all the softwares installed.
    Here I think more 95% of the users are using M$ windows XP or 98. This is because its ease of
    installing new softwares, new devices and accessories, availability of accessories and drivers etc.Windows is more user friendly than Linux. Peoples who are using linux(I also) also have Window$ in their system.

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