My 1st Post

This is my 1st post. To day i saw my causins blog(Dilpu) and decided to start a blog. But my phone line has some problem and so net is disconnecting with in 4 or 5 min. So it is very difficult. Then 2day i made some changes in my website ( ie added a nedstatbasic counter which will show all info about viewers of our site. It is very good, i llike it. Now iam chatting with my causin and my friends brother. Tomorrow i will go to my friend vivek’s house, to install some softwares in his computer. Iam planing to upload Algorithms( Data Structures), Source codes of programs, and some other applications to my site. So i think it will help other students to learn, and make my site a big hit. OK. Iam going to sleep.

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  1. Dilpu says:

    Hi,‘njoy Blogging ! please edit the spelling mistakes of the website u gave !


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