Linux Vs MS Windows


I am not a Microsoft geek, interested in Open source. But since know what is Linux and what is Open Source I have a question in my mind.The question is “developers from all over the world and many other companies are developing the Linux and the Windows is developed by a limited number of developers in Microsoft. But Windows is easy to use than Linux, and installation of programs and hardware’s are easy in Windows than Linux. Why this? why the Linux developers unable to create a easy user interface (for installation of programs and hardware’s) like Windows?”

I used different Linux’s that is RH8, RH9,SUSE, Knoppix, PCQ Linux, Ubuntu etc and finally I am using Fedora Core 2. There is a good change in every new Linux. Now only I able to play mp3’s in a installed version of Linux. But my modem is not detected & installation of MPlayer to watch movie’s was a failure. But I am trying. Also I am trying do my programming (c, c++ & java) in Linux. One day I can do it.

I know so many people using only Linux in there system and they can watch movie’s, use internet, write cd’s etc. But there is so many peoples like me, using Windows and Linux in the system and using windows for main purposes like using internet, programming gaming, watching movie’s and other purposes.

But I know Linux will solve the above problems and become popular in every field. So I am not ready to leave it. I will try to do my Mini project and Main project in Linux. So for that I have to study Java and how to do java programs in Linux.

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