After 2 week’s

HI all,
After a long time i am back to write in my blog. The gap is because of the problem in my bsnl network. For 2 week the net will not continue more than 2min. So it is very difficult to write here. Now the problem is solved.
I installed Fedora core 2 and now iam playing with it. I can play mp3s. Also today i installed Wine to run windows applications in linux. It is working smoothly for some applications. I tried winamp, nero, realplayer, ms office, irfan view, mspaint, winzip, winrar.. Irfan view, Winzip, winrar are working smpoothly, mspaint and winamp worked only once and now it showing errors. Others(realplayer, ms office, bs player etc) are not worked. Now iam going to try Photoshop 7. Iam also successed to mount my ntfs and fat32 partitions. So my next aim is to configure my internal modem and install video players to watch movies and also i want to know how to make and comblie c/c++ programs.

We celebrated our College day and arts festival on march 7th and 8th. And we are waiting for our s3 results. Iam scared about maths because iam very weak in maths. We also joined in Energy Conservation Club which started in our college in last moth. Our University exams will be starts on april. But no time to complete the sylabus in the college. So we have to work very hard.
I changed my websit’s( appearance and also iam uploading the photos of my friends, family members and relatives. Also uploading the data structure’s algorithms and programs.
That’s all 4 today.

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  1. Dilpu says:


    Nice Photos in the Site. Ambika Chechy ( i dont know if you remember her 😀 ) mailed me that she had seen Muthashan’s Photo in ur webPage, where is it ? I think there is some problem with the Thumbnail Image link the full size images are not coming!. If you need the help of Perl or CGI Scripts I can help you.
    UR Website Rocks !!! and it is listed in Google. Search for Arun Vishnu !

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