What Yar, How can you imagine Kerala With Out Strike?

Yesterday was education strike, the reason is the fees in the self financing Engineering colleges. They crashed the window of our college bus. So now our college is famous. The police beat the
peoples who march to the government office. Today was all India strike due to the increased cost of petrol and diesel. Bus and truck owners said they will start strike on 7th July for an uncertain period if the government does not reduce the price. So after 4 day leave I have to go to college tomorrow. Hey today Kerala IT Sectary Aruna Sundaram I.A.S called to my home and she asked “Can I get Mr. Arun Vishnu”, I said “yes”. She asked me to join as one of the project leader in the next Akshaya Project. HeHeHeHe I was joking. But she called to my home and talked with my cousin sister Dr.Deepa Sankar. She is working in World Bank.My cousin Karthika get admission for MBBS in TMC Thirunalveli. So she is the 6th Doctor from our family. Hmm ok, nothing else.

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