Removing the SpyLocked Spyware

SpyLocked 4.3 is a fake but dangerous anti-spyware application, that is installed on your computer without your permission using Trojan and other malwares.
When infected with the SpyLocked 4.3 software you will also see fake taskbar alerts stating that you have running spyware applications on your computer. SpyLocked 4.3 also displays a fa
ke warning alert with flashing icon on your system tray. A Pop up balloon warning messages claiming that your PC is infected. For example : “Critical System Error”, “Your computer is infected”, “System Alert”, “Security Alert”, Trojan-Spy.win32@mx”, “Virus Alert”, “Security Alert” or “Spyware.Cyberlog-X”.

If your computer is infected by SpyLocked and hijacked by the unfamiliar webpage or , then your computer in trouble because it does transfer back and forth information from the infected computer which makes it a potential for application/data theft.


  • Pop up balloon warning messages claiming that your PC is infected. SpyLocked’s Examples are:

    Critical System Error“,
    Your computer is infected“,
    “Virus Alert”,
    “Security Alert”
    “System Alert”
    “Warning! Spyware Threat!” or

  • Hijacked homepage to unfamiliar webpage or
  • Flashing icons appear in the system tray.
  • Automatic installation of Rogue/Fake antispyware applications such as, Malware Wipe, SpyLocked, Pest Wipe, WinAntispyware, BraveSentry SystemDoctor, SpyLockeder, WinAntiSpyware, Adware.W32g.EXPDwnldrl, SpywareStrike, SpyAxe, SpyTrooper, Adware Punisher, Spy iBlock and SpyGuard.

Removel Mothod

  1. You can remove it manually. But it is little bit difficult. You have to do a lot of searching, deleting, registry edits etc etc. So please try automatic removal methods.
  2. The above spyware is affected in my friends system and after scaning with AVG Anti Spyware it detecetd it and removed. But not sure if it is completely removed or not. I will inform you if it is worked. Here is the link to download AVG Anti spyware.
  3. You can also try this tool. I haven’t tried it. So iam not sure about it. Download Download Automatic Removal tool of SpyLocked
  4. UPDATE: This spyware is successfully deleted using SmitfraudFix. Here is the link for downloading and instructions for deleteing spyware. Click Here

If your problem is not solved then please let me know. And please don’t forget to comment about the above tools ..whether it is working properly or not. It will help a lot of other users who have this problem.

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