How to clean iPhone/iPad/iPod backup files

Last week I was cleaning up my system and I checked the disk usage. I found that my user folder is taking hell of space and I was sure that I am not saving big/much files in Desktop/Document or other user-folders. So I tried to find the disk  usage using Disk Inventory X for Mac and found that iPhone/iPad/iPod touch backup files are taking around 46GB. That’s too much and I don’t need old backup files. I just need latest backup file and I deleted all the unwanted backup files.Macintosh HD (206.4 GB)

Since a lot of people are using iPhone/iPad/iPod, I thought it would be good I share it with other and I am sure at leas one reader will find this useful. So how to clean/delete unwanted iPhone/iPad/iPod backup files? Do the following steps

  1. Run iTunes
  2. Take preference
    1. On Mac, you can find the preferences option under iTunes menu iTunes
    2. On windows, Preferences is in Edit menu 12-3-2011 1-16-19 AM
  3. In preferences, goto Devices tab and you will get a list of backup files and backup date.
  4. Select the backup files you want to delete and press Delete Backup Devices Preferences
  5. Press Ok button to delete the backup files. You will get a confirmation prompt and select delete DeleteDevices Preferences Done
  6. Unwanted backup files are now deleted and you will get free space depending on your deleted backup files. Macintosh HD -Final 

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