Removing worm

This W32/Sohanad is a worm. The worm will infect Windows systems and spreads through Instant Messaging. This worm propagates via Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Windows Live Messenger or Windows Messenger by sending an instant message to all the contacts of an active user. This message contains a link to a remote copy of itself. When the recipient clicks the link, a copy of this worm is downloaded and executed on the recipients’ system.
Common Instant Message an infected user sends are as follows:

How to remove thecoolpics:

  • Download this file W32Sohanad.vbs
  • Reboot your computer in “SafeMode” and remain that no other programs are running.
  • Double click on W32Sohanad.vbs.

This will solve your problem. Please note that this code will set your home page to this blog. If you want you can change it. K.

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12 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear sir
    your suggested anti virus didnt act properly.
    In fact it was of no use.
    thanx anyway

  2. Arun Vishnu M V (Kannan) says:

    ohh. ohk ohk.. i will try it 2morw and gve u a solution..k

  3. Anonymous says:

    i have tried it.. but still the worm attacks my PC. is there any other way. one of your suggestion is to run regedit. but RUN command is disabled here. Thanks. pls email me here

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey tht link is nt working to dnload file plz fix it or send me at

  5. andigwandi says:

    my office firewall does’nt allow me to download the file.

    can any1 send me the mail @



  6. pp says:

    i wsnt able to download dat file….plss help me..

  7. Anonymous says:

    pls send me the vbs file because i can,t download it. My mail is And with this worm i have another problem, it don’t let me to acces the run im the start menu. Could i do anything?

  8. sangram says:

    please send the file to me at
    hare krishna

  9. Anonymous says:

    thats a 404, can you upload somewhere else ?

  10. gagan says:

    Hi sir my email is please tell me how to remove worm. Please mail me on this address

  11. Anonymous says:

    hye sir..
    i cant remove thecoolpics worm..
    please help me…..
    email me how to remove it..


  12. Deepak says:

    i got this virus( through ym. can anyone know how to remove it as the link which mentioned above is not working.

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