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I love blogging

I love blogging

I bought this domain and space around one year before. Still I remembering my 1st website, I hosted it in BSNL’s free server. When I took BSNL’s dialup connection, I got 4 Mb free space from them. It was almost 6years before. The URL was or something like that. I think the total number of pages was 2 or 3, which I created using MS Office FrontPage.

Then I created a new site, but at that time, I didn’t found any free hosting. Then when I was doing my B. Tech 3rd semester, my friend Sumesh created a webpage in Yahoo geocities. I was our vacation time (Study leave actually, but both are same 😉 ) and I was so excited. It was like one of my dream come true, God, I got a free web hosting :-). I spend that full night for my website and I updated to the server in the next day morning.After that I found lots of other free hosting servers and I created a site such a way that the each files are spread over different servers.

Then I learned about blogs, and created a blog at My main goal was to improve my communication skills, English language etc. I got a lot of friends from my blog. One day, from Kalesh Kumar, I came to know about Malayalam blogging. He invited me to the Malayalam bloggers community or boolokam. At that time, there were only few Malayalam bloggers and I was the youngest Malayalam blogger ;-). It was a nice time, talking with real geeks, malayalies etc etc.

In 19 June 2006 (World Book Day or loka vayana dinam), most of the Malayalam news papers topic was about pen paperMalayalam blogging and boolokam. Manorama, Madhyamam and Mathrubhumi reported about my friend Cibu (Working in Google)- developer of the famous Malayalam editor Varamozhi and about boolakam. And for my surprise, Madhyamam’s report started with my Malayalam blog, with my photo (Hehe, not joking check out these posts and ).

When I completed my 6th semester, I went to Trivandrum for my project, and then I didn’t get much time to blog, especially Malayalam blogging.

Last year I bought this domain and web space from But due to some personal issues, I didn’t get a chance to work on this. And now I decided to setup everything asap. I transferred my domain to GoDaddy and bought web space from tvmserver.

The modification of this theme is not finished yet. I have to work on placing my feeds and the category listing, sms alerts, favicon, portfolio, logo and different theme options for visitors etc. Did I miss something? I think I can finish these things in 2-3weeks (if I didn’t get late night work 😉 )

If you have any suggestion, please let me know. Thank you so much in advance 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Hari K T says:

    Yes man , the story of me is too some what similar ……….. I hope many of the bloggers may be having a similar story . 🙂
    Great work and keep going …….
    Time that is one thing that we are not able to catch …….. 🙁 .

  2. abey e mathews says:

    hai i am abey.good web design

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