My Trivandram Trip

It was a nice trip, I enjoyed it very much. Thursday I went to Thiruvanadapuram for my relative’s Veli (Wedding). After that I went to my uncle’s (Dr. Govinadan Namboothiri) house. I stayed there with my cousin’s Karthika & Athira. I tried to repair there modem, but the modem was damaged. So I decided to buy a new internal modem. Next day I saw the Tamil film Anniyan. Super film, we all like that film. Then I went to Kizakkekkotta with my cousin Shibi to buy a modem. After a long walk we found a shop and bought an Ace internal modem. Then we went to his house. On the way I saw the college bus of one of my net friend, I searched for her face in the window seats, hahaha I have no idea aobut her face, so how I can find her :). On the way I checked my mail and offline messages from a café, I hr 15ruppe. Then we went to Shibi’s friend’s (Ganeesh) and his sister Gayathri Chechi’s (my net friend) house. After that we visited my net friend Smitha Chechi’s house. So in that day I saw ( at first time) some of my net friends:).So I like that day. Next day we returned to my cousin Athira’s house for celebrating her Pirannal(Birthday). I connected the new modem in there system and took a netone connection ( hmm good speed, I downloaded the yahoo messenger in 15mnts). Then I called my senior George, now he working in T-Soft, as a developer for developing applications and games for mobile phones. I visited his company, not very bad, so it was my first IV (Industrial Visit). From there we returned to Vattiyurkavu. After reaching there I opened my bag, Oh My God, I saw the text book of Linear Integrated Circuit, ops I have exam on Tuesday, and nothing yet started. So I decide to return back to my home on Sunday Morning Train (@ 7.40, Kannaya Kumari – Bombay). In the morning my perappan dropped me in the railway station. The train was 10mnts late. I was in general compartment. I noticed some of the problem between some travelers. But I like train journey very much, than journey through air and road. I like to travel with my friends in train, hi endu rasamarikkum, adichupolichoru yathra:)

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  1. Dilpu says:

    I just saw this post.. Also I took the print of the cool SMS thing.. Really some of them are cool ..

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