Greate University

I was wondering, why our MG University is not postponing our exam. Because they will change exam at least two times. But no wonder; now they changed the time table. Firstly the exam was scheduled to start on 22nd November but they changed to December 6th. Now our DBMS exam postponed from Dec 9th to Jan 18th. We don’t know the reason. So my last exam is on Jan 18th. Grate University Na???????????
My Mathematics exam was easy but the Operating System was tough. Next exam is on 14th Dec. So bye bye guys…………..

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  1. rocksea says:

    true. this has been happeing for eons. when i was under MGU, our exams were postponed a no. of times. shame.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did you really mean ‘grate’?

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