To day we get a Birthday treat from our friend’s Abey and Vishnu, vishnu’s birthday was on 23rd March and Abey’s birthday is on April 2nd. All of our team get Fride Rise & Chicken. But Iam a vegitarian(Brahmin) so I get ice cream(corneto) and Sprite. April 3rd is my birthday and April 7 is our friend Arun’s birthday. So we have to treat them on April 5th. Most of my friend’s birthday is in these two months March and April. April 7th is my friend Raji’s birthday, April 20-Chippy’s, 21……………. This is the first time Iam giving a birthday treat to my friends because up to +2 I studied in Government school,there is no such programss. The maximum is one or two choclates.
Iam busy with uploading my new website 90% of work is completed. But i found some problem in viewing my site in Firefox, the browser’s other than IE, also some problem with netstat code. So iam trying to solve that problem.
Today I send an article “The Art Of Blogging” to our college magazine.
Enikke Urakkam varunnu. So thats all 4 today

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