Are U A Lover(Looser)

Today morning I was brushing my teeth. Time is 8.15. Yesterday I went to sleep after 1 o clock and wake up @ 2 to download some new softwares and part of a movie. This time is because 2Am – 8 Am net is free in my broadband plan (BSNL DataOne Plan 500). So all my heavy downloads are in this time. After giving all the download files I went to sleep at 3. Ops what iam writing.. my topic is not this.
Ohk I was brushing and my teeth and I heard a Te Te sound from my mobile. It is a message from shameen. He is our mobile man. He always used to forward messages to all his friends. I opened that message.

If you don ’ t have a lover

You are missing something in your life.

But if you have a lover, then

You are missing everything in life !!

Hahaha nice message, really it is true. If you have a lover then you are missing a lot. Shameen he is missing a lot. ;). This is correct na. You just watch your friends who have a lover. Whenever they get free time even if it is very small they are together. A free period, interval, lunch break, strike whatever it is they are together. During these time we are talking and fltring with other guys and girls. Hehhe sugaring and mouth looking. Gossips, fights games wow gr8. We are enjoying. Couples want to go to college every day. College is their meeting place. Saturdays, holydays, study leave etc all the day we can see them in the campus. At that time we were walking through a busy road or a big shopping complex. Yar MLA of that place. Else we are in home watching a nice movie or video clip, in net orkuting or chatting with our frndz or sleeping. That time poor couples just sitting in the old bunch and thinking about a topic to talk.

If they are not together then they were on the phone. Spending enough money to recharge the sim. They lose their health by talking through the mobile for several hours.

This is just a starting yar. Compare our life and the poor lovers. They are missing a lot na. hehhe. I can’t write more. Gotta goooooooo.. she is wating for me. Hehhe no yar.. Iam lucky. I don’t have any lover. Iam not a looser, I can t loose memorable moments in our life by just being with a lover. 🙂

Hey friend if you are lover I know what you are going to comment,

” Kittatha Mundiriga Pulikkum ”

hehe nooooooooooooooooooooooo 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kittatha Mundiri Pulikkum. You’re really “Kaman” !! 😉

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