A walk down memory lane


It’s been quite a long time since I wrote something personal on my blog, hmm yea even other stuffs too… But today I am going to write something personal.
What happened to me? I changed a lot(Like everybody else). There was a time when I spent a lot of time for blogging and doing something on my websites. I hosted my personal website in a free 4mb space which I got with Sancharnet internet connection in 2004. I still remember it because I spent a lot of time for it just a day before my Engineering 3rd semester C Programming university exam. It was a static website created using basic HTML. Then I tried many free hosting websites including yahoo geocities and all. Then I created a blog in blogger and started blogging there. During those days, blogging, reading blogs, reading magazines like Chip, Digit, Linux For You etc. were my time pass options and nothing else. Got a lot of friends through blogging and that was my world.
One of aim was to improve my communication skills through blogging and I am sure that it helped a lot. During my engineering final year, the frequency of posting is reduced mainly because I spent a lot of time talking with my friends than blogging and also had to move to Trivandrum for the final year project. Then after completing my engineering, I joined in a company called TNGiCube in Trivandrum with my Trivandrum friends. After few months, I moved to Flip Media and I started building great dynamic websites for their clients. I got salary, bought a new domain and created a new personal blog using WordPress.
I continued blogging but then I had to run through the down side of my life (all of us got up-side and down-side of our life right?) and job was also very hectic. So I didn’t get time to blog or when I got time, I was not a mood to blog. These things made a gap between me and the blog world. Then I restarted blogging but not very frequently and the topic limited technical things.
During that time I got in Ernst & Young, started a mobile development team there and currently work as a technical lead (iPhone/iPad app development) in Ernst & Young GSS Kerala.  So, life changed a lot in these past few years.
Well..what’s the point in writing all these things now? hmm… nothing much 😀 . Today I had a conversion with one of my close friend in US; she encouraged me to continue blogging especially to blog something with a personal touch. After reaching the room from office, I watched a movie and then gone through the good old memories. I always enjoy blogging so thought will write it 🙂 …

I am planning to blog more.. technical, personal, fun and all kinds of stuffs I like. Thanks to my friend who encouraged me to write again :).

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2 Responses

  1. Anoop says:

    Good blog…. Keep up good works..

  2. iridescent says:

    hey man.. i just came across your blog while searching for a n algorithm on ur site. n let me tell yo .. efficienct algorithms!
    n about d blog.. well i mm a computer engi student..n not much good at it.. honestly never actually workd hard at it..
    so reading ur blog.. man!! nice companies..super fronts..big projects u worked on!!
    ENVY u!
    n abt d blog world.. wish to write to.. but dont kno whatyto write on!

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