Google’s Guide To Browsers and the Web

20 Things I Learned About Browsers & The Web” is a web application which looks like a book. This book is a short guide for anyone who’s curious about the basics of browsers and the web, and it is created in HTML5.

Book :
20 Things I Learned

The book contains the following 20 articles

  1. What is the Internet? (or, “You Say Tomato, I Say TCP/IP”)
  2. Cloud Computing (or, why it’s ok for a truck to crush your laptop)
  3. Web Apps (or, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Appiness”)
  4. HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more (or, this is not your mom’s AJAX)
  5. HTML5 (or, in the beginning there was no <video>)
  6. 3D in the Browser (or, browsing with more depth)
  7. A Browser Madrigal (or, old vs. modern browsers)
  8. Plug-ins (or, pepperoni for your cheese pizza)
  9. Browser Extensions (or, superpowers for your browser)
  10. Synchronizing the Browser (or, why it’s ok for a truck to crush your laptop, part II)
  11. Browser Cookies (or, thanks for the memories)
  12. Browsers and Privacy (or, giving you choices to protect your privacy in the browser)
  13. Malware, Phishing, and Security Risks (or, if it quacks like a duck but isn’t a duck)
  14. How Modern Browsers Help Protect You From Malware and Phishing (or, beware the ne’er-do-wells!)
  15. Using Web Addresses to Stay Safe (or, “my name is URL”)
  16. IP Addresses and DNS (or, the phantom phone booth)
  17. Validating Identities Online (or, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”)
  18. Evolving to a Faster Web (or, speeding up images, video, and JavaScript on the web)
  19. Open Source and Browsers (or, standing on the shoulders of giants)
  20. 19 Things Later… (or, a day in the clouds)

You are here because you use internet/web and so I recommend you read this even if you are not a tech guy.

This illustrated book is designed for HTML5-compliant browsers and will not work with Internet Explorer or the other older browsers.

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