Microsoft Windows- Folder/File Name Issues

Hey did you know you can’t create a folder named “con” (without “” that is simply con) in windows. Hehheee really interesting na. Not only con but you also cannot create folders or files like Aux, lpt , com etc
This is something pretty cool…and unbelievable…
Try it out yourself…
Else I will tell you later. Because now my friend is saying how this is happening. So i can tell you later.
Hi geeks, thanks for your comments. The above problem is because con is a name reserved within the OS. It is just like a Keyword in a programming language. In the case of Linux, you can have any name but the precedence of path will take place. When i firstly heard about this i thought, wow, grate. But after knowing the reason behind this now i feel heee. So the above problem is not cool and unbelievable. Thanks to ViswaPrabha for helping me.

But if u write =rand(100,50) in MS-word(2000 or xp) and press ‘enter’ key. See what happens?

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6 Responses

  1. Blake Handler says:

    It’s not “magic” — it’s the same reason that I can not get a site on Blogger as “arunmvishnu” — because YOU already took it.

    You “must” understand that there are some reserved word. . .

  2. Praveen A says:

    u cannot create a folder named “aux” and “nul” as well for that matter as well…

    blake: That is bull shit !!

    There is not such file in the directory in which you are trying to create this file. We can understand if there already is a file named “con”. (Are you saying that in every folder there are files with these names ?)

    But that is not the case with arunmvishnu. There is already one in blogger but you can get it in livejournal or for that matter in any of such sites.

  3. ADTC says:

    blake must be right!

    u see in programming languages u find that u can’t use some reserved words as variable names. for eg. in C/C++ the keywords like “if“, “printf“, etc. cannot be used as variable names. Entering statements int if; if=32; will generate an error although they seem right!

    It must be similar for the words like aux, con, nul etc. in Windows folder creation.

  4. ADTC says:

    i too said what viswaprabha and blake said! where are the credits for blake and me??????

    and for the MS-word thing, that is an easter egg (a part of a software that is created by programmers for timepass, and is normally inaccessible to the end user). any number can be used. the format is =rand(rows,columns) Each cell in the “table” of rows and columns will have one instance of the sentence that has all English alphabets.

    Try =rand(1,2) and =rand(2,1) and u’ll know what i’m talking about.

  5. Arun Vishnu M V (Kannan) says:

    Ya arun, the credits are for blake and u also. And i know the =rand will work with other numbers. I just said 100,50. But why you said Easter eggs are inaccessible to the end user? Most of the softwares easter eggs are available to all. It might be getting from developers, but they all are accessible to the end users.

  6. Proinsias d'Heneghean says:

    Same for “prn”, “nul”

    And the reason for this is simple, you can open Com port as example using CreateFile API as opening a normal files too.
    (Ref: etc …

    But you can do it from DOS:
    go to command prompt

    Which again you cannot delete from the File Explorer, but from DOS.

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