It seems like a dream

Sometimes in life, Aditi, just like that someone seems like your own
Sometimes Aditi, when they are separated, it seems like a dream
In such, how can anyone stop their tears from flowing
And how can someone think everything’s going to be okay
Sometimes it seems there is no happiness nor fun left in life
Sometimes it seems every day is difficult, every moment is a punishment
In such, how can someone smile, or be happy and laugh
And how can they think everything’s going to be okay
Think dear, how much I/we care for you (He could mean I or We)
If there are tears in your eyes, I/we cry too
I/We don’t know how to sing, but yet I/we sing
Hey Aditi, believe for a minute that there is darkness in the entire world
But it’s only after night that day comes
Hey Aditi, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh a little
Or else just give a little, little, little, little smile
If you are happy, it seems the world is filled with happiness
The sun emerges from the clouds and spreads life
Listen, what the intoxicating wind is telling you
That Aditi, those who are separated, one day do meet again
Aditi, whether you know it or not, flowers do bloom again

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  2. Arun Vishnu M V says:

    Hmmm???? YYY??? WHO??

  3. Arun Vishnu M V says:

    frm Canada?

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