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Hi, I read a story in young world about J K Rowling, which shows how she wrote Harry Porter. I think it is interesting. So iam copying the story. It is written by Nita Teresa. She wrote that Rowling gets the story from her son, when she tried to make him sleep. The conversion between Rowling and her little son is
Rowling: When dady was a little boy, he knew a few magic tricks.
Child: Was he a wizard? Did he went to wizard school?
Rowling: Yes. He had a magic wand and a magick cloak. Do you know how he got a scar on his forehead?
Child: You said that he got it when he tried to break a beer bottle neck-with his forehead.
Rowling: No, darling, he got it when someone tried to kill him.
Child: Who is that someone?
Rowling: You know who.
Child: No, you know who.
Rowling(really drowsy): I cant say his name. It is terrible bad luck.
Child: Yes, but between you and me, what is his name?
Rowling: Aaaaargh!! His name is Voldermort.
Child: Voldermort…Voldermort.Does that mean, I brought him back from dead? will he killed daddy?
Rowling: On that sweet though, honey,go to sleep. Chapter 2 of the story tomorrow.
Leaving a whole night, for her child to think about wizards JK , reaches a blisful state and falls asleep.
But 5 minits later her child asks, “Mommy,do you think Voldermort is Rusian?”

NIta continues, A well begun story is half done, especially with a 7year old to ignite your creativity. She bet Rowling’s kids are really proud of her. If my(Nita’s) kids also have asked all the right questions, may be even I would have writen a billion doller successful story. But till that happens, someone please tell my kid a story.

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  1. Sibi says:

    hey, i read this in the paper.but here is another story which i read from a book-
    At the age of 11,while she was travelling in a train,a name come into her mind- HARRY POTTER.
    When she decided to write a story,she wrote about the wizard boy and named him HARRY POTTER.

  2. < citizen > says:

    wonderful ..
    keep blogging .

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