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Microsoft Windows- Folder/File Name Issues

Hey did you know you can’t create a folder named “con” (without “” that is simply con) in windows. Hehheee really interesting na. Not only con but you also cannot create folders or files like Aux, lpt , com etc This is something pretty cool…and unbelievable… Try it out yourself… Else I will tell you later. Because now my friend is saying how this is happening. So i can tell you later. *************************** Hi geeks, […]


Inside Harry’s Real World

Hi, I read a story in young world about J K Rowling, which shows how she wrote Harry Porter. I think it is interesting. So iam copying the story. It is written by Nita Teresa. She wrote that Rowling gets the story from her son, when she tried to make him sleep. The conversion between Rowling and her little son is ——————————————————- Rowling: When dady was a little boy, he knew a few magic tricks. […]



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