Synchronize contacts between Nokia, Sony, BlackBerry and other phones

Today I was searching for a new phone for my friend. We discussed about his requirement and one of his main requirement was contacts backup. He said he is using Sony Ericsson and it’s contact backup format is not supported in other phones. So he needs some method to synchronize data with other models.

Many of us have faced the same situation or you will face this when we change our phone or want to synchronize contact details between other phones. We can do this easily by using online services. I have tried Vodafone360 and it worked. You need an internet connection (GPRS/EDGE/WiFi/3G) to do this.

Key features of Vodafone360
  • Back up your contacts automatically to your secure 360 address book. Edit, merge and arrange your contacts quickly and easily online, and any changes you make update automatically on your phone.
  • Add contacts from your email, social network and instant messaging accounts to your 360 address book, so they’re all in one place.
  • Transfer contacts from your old to new phone, or keep them on more than one phone. Adding phones to your account is quick and easy at

Manage and Synchronize Contacts using Vodafone360

  1. Create an account and login on
  2. Create an account and login on
  3. Register your phone
  4. Install SyncML Application. Click on send to button and you will get settings according to your phone model. Save the settings and configure the settings. This will depend on your phone model. You will get a basic instruction from the site. Follow the instructions and synchronize the contacts
  5. You can view and manage synchronized contacts on
  6. If you want to transfer the contacts to another phone, add new phone and synchronize the contacts 🙂

When you registering your mobile and if your operator is not listed simply choose any available operator. It worked for us 🙂

If you dont have an internet connection, then you have to copy the contacts to your phone memory to SIM and copy to phone memory in the new phone. But the number of contacts that can be saved in a SIM card is very limited.
If you know any other easy method to synchronise the contacts, let us know 🙂 .

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