Install VLC Media player on iPad/iPhone from Cydia


At last, Apple has removed VLC media player from its application store. Thus the incompatibility between the GNU General Public License and the App Store terms of use is resolved – the hard way.

Default video player in iPhone, iPad and iPod can play only mp4 format but the VLC for iOS devices allows us to play most of the video formats. But it has been removed from the App Store after Apple received the official copyright infringement complain from VLC developers.

Incompatibility between the GNU General Public License and the App Store terms of use?

Yes. The App Store terms of use specifies that every iPhone/iPod/iPad application is tied to a specific user account when it is downloaded(even if the application is free), so you have no license to copy or distribute the application. But the VLC media player is released under GNU General Public License which requires that any software using that license and any derivative works be able to be freely copied and distributed. So the GNU GPL & AppStore terms of use are not compatible with each other.

So, Now how I can install VLC on my iPad/iPhone/iPod?

VLC media player is now available in Cydia repository- But you need to have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to install it.

  1. Open Cydia application on your device
  2. Add as a source in Cydia
  3. Search for VLC and install it
  4. Done

Read more about GNU GPL

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  1. pietro says:

    source dosen’t work… seems there is no reliable source for vlc player – sad

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