Broadcast your PowerPoint presentation over the Internet

You can broadcast your Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation over the Internet to anyone, anywhere, over the Web.

You send a link to your audience, and then everyone you invited watches a synchronized view of your slide show in their browser. The Broadcast Slide Show feature requires a network service to host the slide show. You can use
PowerPoint Broadcast Service which is provided by Microsoft(and it is free 🙂 ) or a broadcast service provided by your organization, hosted on a SharePoint server that has the Microsoft Office Web Apps installed.

Anyone with the link to your slide show can view it! That is, if an invited audience member forwards the link to someone else, that other person can view your slide show as well, provided that they have access to the service.

Broadcast your presentation

  1. On the Slide Show tab, in the Start Slide Show group, click Broadcast Slide Show.Powerpoint Broadcast2
  2. You can change broadcasting service or use default free service from Microsoft. Here I am using default service.
  3. PowerPoint will connect to MS server and you have to enter you Hotmail/live username and passwordPowerpoint Broadcast3
  4. Finally you will get a link to the broadcasting page. Send that link to your friends so they can view the presentation.
  5. Powerpoint Broadcast4

        Powerpoint Broadcast5


Also note the bellow points

    Any transitions in your presentation are shown as Fade transitions in the browser.

    Screensavers and email pop-ups can disrupt the audience’s view of the slide show.

    Audio (sounds, narration) is not transmitted to the audience through the browser.

    You cannot add ink annotations or markup drawn onto the slide show during the presentation.

    If you play a video in your presentation, the browser does not show it to the audience.

    Happy Broadcasting Smile

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