Download Firefox 4

Download Firefox 4
Mozilla will release the final version Firefox 4 tomorrow, but you can download the the final version from one of the official mirror sites. Firefox 4 is available for all supported operating systems and languages.

I have downloaded it from

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Firefox 4

Main Features of Firefox 4

  • Firefox 4 includes an updated interface for all platforms that’s sleeker and easier to use.
  • Firefox 4 contains huge performance enhancements, including our brand new JägerMonkey JavaScript engine. From faster start up times and graphics rendering to improved page load speed, you’ll notice the difference instantly.
  • WebM and HD Video : As pioneers of HTML5 video standards, Firefox also supports the WebM format so you can watch open HD quality video.
  • Protecting Your Privacy : Firefox puts your privacy first, fixing flaws in some web standards that allow bad guys to snoop around and expose your browser history.
  • New JS values: Changes to the C++ representation of JavaScript values allow Firefox to execute heavy, numeric code more efficiently, resulting in cleaner graphics and a better browsing experience.
  • Multi-touch Support: Firefox now integrates multi-touch support for Windows 7, enabling you to interact with your browser in a whole new way.
  • 3D on the Web: WebGL brings 3D graphics to Firefox, opening the door for developers to create vivid games and new kinds of visualizations and experiences for the Web.
  • Audio API: Firefox is changing the way media is integrated on the web: exposing the raw audio data housed within the <video> and <audio> elements in HTML5 makes it easy for developers to use JS to read and write audio data.
  • Retained layers: Experience super fast scrolling on complex web pages. Simply awesome.
  • XPCOM: Firefox starts up even faster thanks to XPCOM module improvements that pave the way to a better extensions framework.
  • Styling Pages with CSS3: Support for new CSS3 features like Transitions and Transformations makes it easy to add elegant animations to Web pages. Learn more
  • Fabulous Fonts: Firefox 4’s OpenType font features gives designers and developers more control over a variety of font features—like kerning or ligatures—to create gorgeous websites.
  • Upgrading Forms: Firefox integrated Form features like list attributes and HTML5 validation provide the tools to make annoying form implementation development a thing of the past.
  • HTML5 Support: A new HTML5 parser and full support for web video, audio, drag & drop, and file handling means Firefox 4 is ready to run the best web apps of both today and tomorrow.
  • Web Console: With this experimental analysis tool for modern sites, Firefox allows you to peek under the hood of dynamic web pages.
  • JetPack SDK (Making Add-on Development Easier): Add-ons can be installed without restarting the browser, and can be developed more easily using the new JetPack SDK and js-ctypes
  • Full Hardware Acceleration: Experience super-fast graphics acceleration with Direct2D and Direct3D on Windows, XRender on Linux and OpenGL on Mac, now enabled by default, on all supported hardware.
  • SVG as Images: SVG files can now be used as images and backgrounds in Firefox, meaning that developers and designers can have stunning, performance-conscious websites with lighter, resolution-independent image files.
  • Compartments: Firefox can now better manage JavaScript objects with Compartments, offering improved cache utilization and garbage collection mechanisms for better security, memory management and overall performance.
  • Crash Protection: Firefox provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows, Linux, and now Mac when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins. If one of these commonly-used plugins crashes or freezes, it won’t affect the rest of Firefox. Instead, you can simply reload the page to restart the plugin and try again. Learn more about plugins.
  • HSTS: Sites can now keep attackers from intercepting sensitive data while accessing the site by telling Firefox to automatically establish secure connections to their servers (https).

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