Integrated IM in Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail

MSN Web Messenger is  integrated with your Hotmail account yesterday(April 21st). You can use integrated web msn messenger and talk to others while checking/ mail.

To send IM to your friend, go to contacts, click on the person you would like to talk to and click on “Send an Instant Message (Available), IM window will appear in a pop up window.

Check out the screen shoots. I also added screen shoots of Yahoo and Gmail. I wonder how boring is MSN/Hotmail’s interface. Yahoo/Gmail interface is simple and our friends are just one click away. AOL webmail has the same interface as yahoo and Gmail.

If we compare desktop application, Windows live messenger is in the top. Google talk is far beyond MSN and Yahoo. But I think Google is not much worried about the desktop messenger, they want us to do everything on the web interface.

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