Monthly Archive: October 2005

Happy Diwali 1

Happy Diwali

Hi Dear friends, With diyas, rangolis and crackers all around, may happiness and prosperity for you and your family abound. Happy Diwali With Love Arun Vishnu(Kannan)

Microsoft Windows- Folder/File Name Issues 6

Microsoft Windows- Folder/File Name Issues

Hey did you know you can’t create a folder named “con” (without “” that is simply con) in windows. Hehheee really interesting na. Not only con but you also cannot create folders or files...

Microsoft’s next generation Hotmail-Kahuna Mail 0

Microsoft’s next generation Hotmail-Kahuna Mail

Microsoft and MSN have big plans for Hotmail.The company has been working for the past several months on a next generation Web mail solution that codenamed Kahuna and currently goes by the nondescript name...

New Template 1

New Template

Hi guys, This is my new template. I like this template. But need some changes. Hope you also like this. Give your comments. Iam also planing to change my Malayalam Blogs template. So within...

Helloo 0


This is my 1st persional post after starting my malayalam blog. I also started another blog -> for posting some funny pictures. But i din’t get enough time to post more pictures. My classes...

Yahoo and Microsoft To Link IM Services 1

Yahoo and Microsoft To Link IM Services

You have friends using Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. Yahoo and Microsoft have announced plans to make their instant-messaging services interoperable, beginning in the second quarter of 2006. Customers of Yahoo Messenger or MSN...

Inside Harry’s Real World 2

Inside Harry’s Real World

Hi, I read a story in young world about J K Rowling, which shows how she wrote Harry Porter. I think it is interesting. So iam copying the story. It is written by Nita...



14). A plain computer illiterate guy rings tech support to report that his computer is faulty. Tech: What’s the problem? User: There is smoke coming out of the power supply. Techkeep quite) Tech: You’ll...