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The Google Docs Viewer launch support for 12 new file types

Google Docs allows us to quickly view documents online without leaving your browser. You can also upload and share these files in Google Docs, so that anyone can view the content using their browser. Now the Google Docs Viewer launch support for 12 new file types. Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 (.PPTX) Apple Pages (.PAGES) Adobe Illustrator (.AI) Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) Autodesk AutoCad (.DXF) Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) PostScript (.EPS, .PS) […]


Google’s Guide To Browsers and the Web

“20 Things I Learned About Browsers & The Web” is a web application which looks like a book. This book is a short guide for anyone who’s curious about the basics of browsers and the web, and it is created in HTML5. Book : The book contains the following 20 articles What is the Internet? (or, “You Say Tomato, I Say TCP/IP”) Cloud Computing (or, why it’s ok for a truck to crush your […]


Disable Adobe CS4 Activation Check

You can disable Adobe CS4 Activation Check by editing your windows “hosts” file.

For that- open C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts with notepad and paste the following at the end:


Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 is released

Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 is released on April 27th, 2009. This is the sixth development milestone and fourth beta release of Firefox 3.5, the upcoming version of the Firefox web browser. It is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering platform((Gecko is the second most-popular layout engine on the World Wide Web Written in    C++,currently developed by Mozilla Corporation)). Firefox 3.5 offers many changes over the previous version, supporting new web technologies, performance improvements and user […]


Gmail Voice and Video chat

Google is rolling out video and voice capabilities for the chat function that is embedded in the Gmail interface. It’s simple to install and use. The first time you use this feature, you’ll be prompted to download and install a small plugin. To get started, visit or click on the “Options” menu in a Gmail chat window and choose “Add voice/video chat. PS: Video calls are only available between Gmail chat users with a Gmail […]


Yahoo! Media Player

The Yahoo! Media Player enhances your web site or blog by creating an embedded player for each audio link. All the links can be played with one click, turning the page into a playlist. This is done by adding our JavaScript to your page. Link to audio Insert one or more anchor elements containing the URL of an audio file into your web page. For example: <a href=”example1.mp3″>My first song</a> <a href=”example2.mp3″>My second song</a> Embed […]


Google Gears

Google Gears (BETA) is an open source browser extension that enables web applications to provide offline functionality (or Google Gears is an open source browser extension that lets developers create web applications that can run offline) using the following JavaScript APIs: Store and serve application resources locally [A local server, to cache and serve application resources (HTML, JavaScript, images, etc.) without needing to contact a server]. Store data locally in a fully-searchable relational database [A […]


Internet Explorer 7 Final Released

Microsoft late Wednesday released the much-anticipated final version of Internet Explorer 7, the first major update to the market-leading Web browser in five years. The company has high hopes for the release, which arrives amid growing competition from Firefox. IE7 includes a number of new features such as a built-in Phishing Filter and ActiveX controls that require manual activation to keep users protected. Under the hood, Microsoft has rewritten the networking architecture of the browser […]


Google Page Creator

Google launched on Thursday a service that lets people create their own Web pages hosted by the Internet giant. Google Page Creator, which is in beta, has sample layouts and lets people type in content, upload images and publish their pages, without knowing HTML. People can create multiple linked pages and are allowed 100MB of storage on the service. The free service requires a Gmail account and supports either Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 1.0, […]


Gmail Chat

Google on Monday was set to launch Gmail Chat, which will let users send instant messages with one click from their e-mail account, see when contacts are online and save the chat history like an e-mail message. The application’s Quick Contacts list is synchronized with a user’s Google Talk friends list and automatically displays the people a user communicates with most frequently and shows their online status. Clicking on a contact listed as being online […]



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