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Ubuntu Mobile

Introducing Ubuntu Mobile – full Internet, no compromise Ubuntu Mobile is an Ubuntu edition that targets an exciting new class of computers called Mobile Internet Devices. Ubuntu Mobile, based on the world’s most popular Linux distribution, and MID hardware from OEMs and ODMs, are redefining what can be done in mobile computing. Ubuntu Mobile, a fully open source project, gives full Internet, with no compromise. Custom options may include licensed codecs and popular third-party applications. […]


Google Phone ( Rumors )

The Google Phone is called Switch Google has 100 folks working on it Danger founder Andy Rubin is heading the team Google is using tech from two companies it bought: Skia & Reqwireles Google partnered with Samsung earlier this year, and it could be a distributor/handset maker Switch is a “BlackBerry-like, slick device” running Java on a C++ core with perhaps a Linux bootstrap Google will sell and market the phone online, relying on the […]


New Internet Domain for Mobile Technology

A joint venture of mobile technology companies, mTLD Top Level Domain, started issuing Internet domain names under a new .mobi top-level domain name.mTLD Top Level Domain, which was formed by Microsoft, Nokia, the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) Association, Vodafone Group, and other heavy hitters, has completed a contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that formalized the creation of the .mobi domain, according to an mTLD statement. The .mobi […]



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