New Internet Domain for Mobile Technology

A joint venture of mobile technology companies, mTLD Top Level Domain, started issuing Internet domain names under a new .mobi top-level domain name.mTLD Top Level Domain, which was formed by Microsoft, Nokia, the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) Association, Vodafone Group, and other heavy hitters, has completed a contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that formalized the creation of the .mobi domain, according to an mTLD statement.
The .mobi domain is intended for sites that are designed to be used on cell phones and other mobile devices.

In July 2005, ICANN approved the mTLD Top Level Domain Ltd (mTLD) as the official registry operator for the new .mobi domain name. dotmobi is now getting ready for launch.

dotmobi sites will be required to have a home page that conforms to the switch on! style guides (also called the .mobi styleguides) which are optimized for access through mobile devices.

Want to try??????? k try dis link
Net4 will charge its customers Rs 6500/-** for each ‘.Mobi’ domain name registered on their behalf through mTLD for one year (2 years is the minimum registration period offered by the Registry).

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    See also for dotmobi a resource and directory site @ – dotMobi Directory & Resources . Hope this helps

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