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How to clean iPhone/iPad/iPod backup files

Last week I was cleaning up my system and I checked the disk usage. I found that my user folder is taking hell of space and I was sure that I am not saving big/much files in Desktop/Document or other user-folders. So I tried to find the disk  usage using Disk Inventory X for Mac and found that iPhone/iPad/iPod touch backup files are taking around 46GB. That’s too much and I don’t need old backup […]


Synchronize contacts between Nokia, Sony, BlackBerry and other phones

Today I was searching for a new phone for my friend. We discussed about his requirement and one of his main requirement was contacts backup. He said he is using Sony Ericsson and it’s contact backup format is not supported in other phones. So he needs some method to synchronize data with other models. Many of us have faced the same situation or you will face this when we change our phone or want to […]


Easily backup your files with MS SyncToy

Why you need a tool to backup your files? We can copy files by copying and pasting, but how difficult it is when you have to synchronize many folders/files. For example:- I have to backup my photos. softwares and documents from my laptop to my external hard disk regularly. I download updated softwares from many sources, photos from my camera and also many files and documents from mobile and mails to my laptop’s backup and […]


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