WMP 11 for XP Release Details

Microsoft is planning a Public Preview Beta of Windows Media Player 11 for XP on Wednesday, May 17th.

The final RTM release is scheduled for late June 06. Here is a list of features that will and will not be in the XP version:
Features in WMP 11 for XP (June 06):

* New UI
* Support for better synchronization for portable devices
* Album “stacks” of album art
* Indexed libraries with search-as-you-type features
* User controlled downgrade of quality for DRM content to allow for smaller files
* DRM content will contain metadata that shows what the user is allowed to do with the file
* Includes Microsoft and MTV’s Urge music store

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  1. Praveen says:

    hey…here r the links to dload…wmplayer 11





    You can install this software only if you have a valid copy of WINDOWS.

    But 99% of us do not have any valid copy of WINDOWS.We have only a pirated copy .

    So at first we have to pass the test of windows validation before installing this software.

    To pass windows validation:

    1. extract rar archive.

    You will have a folder named p 11_balu

    2. Right click on mpsetup.exe and extract it to mpsetup (folder)

    3. In mpsetup folder you will see wmp11.exe wmfdist11.exe umdf.exe and wmdbexport.exe install them

    4.reboot & enjoy

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