Happy Friendship Day

August 7th is celebrating as Friendship Day. Why we need a friend? In my concept a best friend is for sharing everything. That is we can share our happiness with friends then the happiness will increase. If we are in a sad mood our friends can wipeout our sadness. We can share our secrets, they can relief our tension etc. I like to spend my time by talking with friends, playing with them, chatting with them etc. I would like to write more about friendship but I have no time, because my internal exam will start on Aug 8th. Three days, 6 exams. Last exam is on 10th. Bye for now. Once more Happy Friendship Day my dear friend. Hey dont 4gt to view your friendship day card. Just click on the link given below. http://www.arunmvishnu.siteburg.com/gree/frs.htm

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  1. Benoit Lapierre says:

    it’s french

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy Friendship Day

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