Need for Speed ProStreet Passwords

Enter Codes In The Career Menu (Pre-Patch)
Select Code Entry in the career menu

Password Effect
1MA9X99 $2,000
1Mi9K7E1 $10,000
CASHMONEY $10,000 Added to your account
CASTROLSYNTEC $10,000 and Castrol Syntec bonus vinyl
ENERGIZERLITHIUM Bonus Energizer Lithium vinyl.
HORSEPOWER K&N bonus vinyl.
ITSABOUTYOU Audi TT 3.2 Quattro in career garage.
L1iS97A1 $8,000
MITSUBISHIGOFAR Lancer Evo in career garage.
REGGAME $10,000
SAFETYNET 5 Repair Tickets
UNLOCKALLTHINGS Unlocks Bonuses (Including Stage 4 parts)
W2iOLLO1 $4,000
WORLDSLONGESTLASTING Dogde Viper in career garage.
ZEROZEROZERO Pre-tuned Grip Coke Zero Golf GTI in garage and bonus Coke Zero vinyl.

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