Linux != Windows

Linux != Windows

“Hi! I’ve been using Linux for a few days, and it’s mostly great. But, it’s a shame that [something or other] doesn’t work like it does on Windows. Why don’t all the developers completely rewrite all the software so it acts more like Windows? I’m sure Linux would get lots more users if they did!”
This the the first post I posted in my blog and homepage. But nobody give it’s answer or a comment. But now I got it’s answer. I read an article “Linux is Not Windows”. A nice article. This article is aimed at explaining to those newbies exactly why their ideas tend to get flamed rather than embraced.
So if you have the same question or want to know the difference between Windows and Linux read the full article

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5 Responses

  1. rocksea says:

    it was only recently that i’ve been introduced to ur page, or i could hav shown some + – points. thanks for the link. yes why shud linux be window! i am working on a dual boot platform and i find both useful. linux i use for my work and running other jobs while windows i use for mostly everything outside work. userability of linux is getting better by time. so letz wait n see.

  2. Arun Vishnu M V (Kannan) says:

    hi rocksea, im also using xp and linux. but im using linux for learning its working or to work on it and windows for all other works.i like both linux and windows.
    k,keep watching, byeee

  3. Cute Indian Girl says:

    Very Intersting Blog Site.
    Just adding to my bookmarks and I will check it back often.

    Indian Girl

  4. സന്തോഷ് says:

    There are a lot of reasons why Linux is not Windows, but you should not be reading just one side of the story. You may want to take a quick peek at


  5. Hari K T says:

    Oh I was not able to see this post . Else I may have written some comments earlier itself .
    One more thing , never call it just Linux for Linux is the kernel only . There are many softwares running on top of the Kernel . So call it as GNU/Linux . You can find more about it in

    The power of GNU/Linux is not in GUI . Its power is on command line . For eg : if you want to crop an image in gui we may need to do many steps . But to crop through command line it takes only one step . Consider the case of 100’s of 200’s images . So it may be a hell . Here comes the role of command line . Its not so hard . The man command helps to get the mannual of the particular command .
    I think many of the GNU/Linux users are developers rather than playing games and viewing movies like windows users . So they feel comfortable in the command line .
    There are many more features like who all are logged in to system. So we know some one else is in our system .
    I am not writing more. Learn it your self and say Good Bye to Windows the proprietary OS.
    2010 Google is coming with Google Chrome OS which is running on top of Linux Kernel . So come and join , the world is changing … Ubuntu will be very much helpful if you are new to GNU/Linux . If you have an internet connection then its very easy to download and install any software of your taste . Feel free to ask me any doubts. I will try to help you or don’t worry the community itself if ready to help you .. So its not me , but we ……

    Enjoy the power of GNU/Linux //// Just signing off Hari K T

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