Monthly Archive: August 2005

Google Talk 1

Google Talk

The NO:1 search engine enters in to Instant Messengig(IM) called Google Talk. It is free to download, just 899KB file and easy to install,less than 1mints to install. It will add your g-mail friends...

AVG Error 1

AVG Error

Look at the marked space. The actual update file is only 600.8kb, bt in the bracket 123.8kb. Then when i downloaded the 600.8kb file it showd as a 1028.6kb file. hmm New Technology.

My Malayalam Blog 13

My Malayalam Blog

At last I started a malayalam blog. Iam using Varamozhi and Microsoft IME for writting malayalam. My malayalam blog is .

Happy Friendship Day 2

Happy Friendship Day

August 7th is celebrating as Friendship Day. Why we need a friend? In my concept a best friend is for sharing everything. That is we can share our happiness with friends then the happiness...

Birthday Colour 2

Birthday Colour

My birthday colour is NAVY. What is ur colour? You dont know your colour? ok visit According to my colour NAVY my character is ———–” You are attractive, and love your life. You...