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How to run Turbo C IDE on Windows 7

Turbo C 3.0 is an IDE for creating C/C++ programs which runs on MS Dos (Microsoft Disk Operating System). Up to Windows XP, Turbo C 3.0 IDE runs without any problem but it is not compatible on Windows Vista or Windows 7. Many users(Especially Students ) use Turbo C IDE for writing C/C++ programs. So today I am going to explain how you can run Turbo C++ IDE on Windows Vista or Windows 7. Method […]


How to Tune up Your Windows : Part 1 – Tune Windows Startup in 5min

When you install a software, it may set startup services(service which starts when you start your operating system) or the application itself starts during system startup. All these startup services and startup programs decrease the system performance. Some programs/service like antivirus, firewall etc. are essential but other services/programs like messengers, tray icons etc. can be disabled. The system startup time can be increased by disabling the unwanted services and startup programs. Many software are available […]


Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

Technorati Profile Windows XP Mode (formally Virtual XP) is a new feature in Windows 7. It’s a licensed, virtualized copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3 running inside Microsoft’s own Virtual PC framework. Windows XP Mode is specifically designed to help small businesses move to Windows 7. Windows XP Mode provides you with the flexibility to run many older productivity applications on a Windows 7 based PC. When I heard about this feature I thought […]


Windows 7 RC Review

Today I installed Windows 7 RC in my desktop PC. Installation First thing I noticed is the graphics, a cool installer background image. From windows vista onwards, installation is not a big task, need to set few regional and account information and the partition (and GUI tool for managing partition). Started installation at 1AM and got my desktop at 1.15. So installation took only 15mnts. Booting and shutdown I got my login screen in 32sec […]


Testing Wondows 7 Beta

I am testing Windows 7 in a virtual machine, so it is very slow. But since I dont have a free partition in my Dell XPS laptop I have to use virtual machine. I am using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1. 


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