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What is the real meaning of Facebook “Like”?


What is the real meaning of Facebook “Like” option? I have seen many fb “Like”s like the one below. One such “Like” which I will never forget is a screenshot of a news(an incident happened in my native place) from a news site. The sad news was about a guy who came to his native place from a Gulf country to renovate his home and he died while trying to work on his old home [...]


i wish i could go back

Now I am in my home… sitting alone in my room.. bit bored.. reading news, blogs , office mails etc. Looking outside.. itz raining.. flashing good old memories.. 1 year before.. 6: endu chyea.. onnu vegam type cheyunundoo… AM: da kanna u der? Sr: hello dear.. K: hii Aha Ellarum ethiyallo…den invi 2 join in yahoo conf:. Yes…im chating with my friends.. All night i used to chat with my close friends.. all laughing..screaming.. small [...]


The 4-year holiday called "engineering "

Things common to all engg college’s : The lecturers don’t teach. The students don’t study.The only guy who benefits is the one who owns the ‘dhaba’ next to the college. Rules are made to be broken. Promises are made to be broken. Deadlines are made to be extended…ALWAYS! The geek’s are the most pampered during the internal exams. The lab assistants are the most respected people ( i.e. during the lab exams). The watchmen are [...]


Happy Friendship Day

Without friends, life would have an emptiness, with whom would we then, share our happiness?? True friends are your real treasure, so treat them with love and keep them with care. Online friends are people we may never meet…. We see pictures, we see cams…It isn’t the same…. We grow close…We care and love one another…. One day we may not hear from one another…. Our hearts will break… All we see is a name [...]


Happy Friendship Day

August 7th is celebrating as Friendship Day. Why we need a friend? In my concept a best friend is for sharing everything. That is we can share our happiness with friends then the happiness will increase. If we are in a sad mood our friends can wipeout our sadness. We can share our secrets, they can relief our tension etc. I like to spend my time by talking with friends, playing with them, chatting with [...]


Happy Best Friends Day

Happy Best Friends Day


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