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Internet Explorer 7 Final Released 0

Internet Explorer 7 Final Released

Microsoft late Wednesday released the much-anticipated final version of Internet Explorer 7, the first major update to the market-leading Web browser in five years. The company has high hopes for the release, which arrives...

GOA Trip 0

GOA Trip

Hi friends, Today I am going to GOA,1 week college tour. Our route is Mangalore -> GOA -> Mysore -> Coimbatore -> Kodaikanal. So guys, c u aftr dat. bye byeeeeeeeeee

Cool Answers 1

Cool Answers

Q . How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it? A. Concrete floors are very hard to crack! Q. If it took eight men ten hours to build...

Happy Onam 2

Happy Onam

Visit : http://arunmvishnu.sitesled.com/gre/hponam.htm WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY ONAM With Love Arun [Kannan]

Microsoft Office Videos 0

Microsoft Office Videos

Microsoft UK apparently commissioned Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant to do a (spoof) training video with Gervais playing David Brent. The first part runs for 20 minutes and the second for 17 minutes. They’ve...

Vista prices revealed! 0

Vista prices revealed!

Amazon now has retail prices for Vista, as well as a projected release date. Details here. It looks like Microsoft has accidentally leaked some details of the price of its next-generation operating system. At...

Blogger beta 0

Blogger beta

Google is testing new Blogger beta through selected member accounts. If you are the lucky one, you will enjoy some new features after switching to Blogger Beta. One of the noticeable change is that...

Google offers hosted communications applications 2

Google offers hosted communications applications

Google plans to announce on Monday a beta version of Google Apps for Your Domain, which includes Gmail with 2 gigabytes of storage, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Page Creator. The new service is...

IT Movies 0

IT Movies

* Munna Bhai MCSE * Kal MSN Ho Na Ho * Love in mIRC * ID Mil Gaya * Chat To Kero * Ek Programmer Thi * Yeh Hack Horaha Hai * Hum Pyar...

Happy Friendship Day 3

Happy Friendship Day

Without friends, life would have an emptiness, with whom would we then, share our happiness?? True friends are your real treasure, so treat them with love and keep them with care. Online friends are...