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Google Account Activity gives you a monthly summary of your account activity across many Google products

With Account Activity Reports you can learn what’s going on in your account, e.g. how many emails you have sent and received, how often you have searched on Google, from which countries you have logged in and how often your YouTube videos have been viewed. Every month the Account Activity Report will collect and summarise data across your Google account – e.g. sent emails or top searches. Data deletion at the data source, e.g. in […]


Import Orkut’s albums to Google+

Orkut users can easily export their albums to Google+ with this simple tool. Note that in order to export your albums, you must have a Google+ account. Click In the next screen, click each album you want to import or just click select all. Click Import selected. Wait for the export process to complete. You are done! Note that by default all exported albums are set as private in Google+ and only visible to […]


Happy Diwali Theme for Orkut

Happy Diwali theme in Orkut. Your orkut theme can be changed to Happy Diwali template in a single click. Click on Happy Diwali link button(Check the above image).


Orkut’s New Design

Orkut is rolling out it’s new design. They wil pubkish this design in next week but not to all the users. They will roll it out to a small group of users randomly selected, and will continue to do so until everyone is on the new site. This look is very cool. Nice colour.. simply awesome 🙂


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