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Google announced Balloon powered Internet access – Project Loon

By Google’s Project Loon, they wanted to give everyone on earth Internet access. They think it might actually be possible to build a ring of balloons, flying around the globe on the stratospheric winds, that provides Internet access to the earth below. They say We believe that it might actually be possible to build a ring of balloons, flying around the globe on the stratospheric winds, that provides Internet access to the earth below. It’s […]


Download Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 (INR 1,999)

Microsoft officially announced Windows 8 Thursday at a massive event in New York City. Windows 8 will be available in 140 markets and in 37 languages on Friday. Users can start downloading Windows 8 at 12:01 a.m. and copies will be available in stores at midnight local time at retailers around the globe. For a limited time, upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for a special price $39.99 (or INR 1,999 in India). If you want, […]


Galaxy S III Mini Officially Announced

Samsung Electronics have officially announced the Galaxy S III mini smartphone. They says S III mini is “compact yet powerful smartphone“. Even thogh they call it “min” the display is 4.0-inch Super AMOLED. The GALAXY S III mini is powered by Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). The Galaxy S III mini comes in two memory capacities; 8GB and 16GB and a microSD slot which will allow you to expand the memory all the way to 32GB. […]


Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple

Apple’s Board of Directors today announced that Steve Jobs has resigned as Chief Executive Officer, and the Board has named Tim Cook, previously Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, as the company’s new CEO. Jobs has been elected Chairman of the Board and Cook will join the Board, effective immediately. Steve Jobs Resignation Letter To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community: I have always said if there ever came a day when I could […]


Send your names to Mars

Fill in your information(Name, Country & Zip) and your name will be included with others on a microchip on the Mars Science Laboratory rover heading to Mars in 2011! You will get your certificate of participation too. I got my certificate 🙂 Click here to Send your names to Mars


Chromium: Google Chrome for Mac and Linux

Chromium is an open-source project- for the Mac OS X/Linux versions of Chrome. I tried Mac OS X version of Chromium. Download the zip file, unzip it and run Chromium.   The first site I tried is But got the error message “The webpage is not available”. So i thought it is not working and then after some time I tried my site and it loaded without any problem :-). Then I tried many […]


Epoch time and Epoch time milestone

The Unix epoch (also known as Unix Time Stamp) is the representation of time as the number of non-leap seconds since 00:00:00 UTC on January 1, 1970. It is introduced by Unix operating  system, , standardised in POSIX.  The clock is used not just by Unix, but also by Linux, Java, JavaScript, Mac OS X, and various other technologies. In the fields of chronology and periodization, an epoch means an instant in time chosen as […]


Is the Official Web site of the Department of General Education , Kerala Hacked?

It seems like the official web site of the Department of General Education , Government of Kerala is hacked. Today i was checking the website and noticed a news “Hacked by the. Mo3tafa , Sha2ow” in the hot news box. The news content is just “tHe.Mo3tafA Was Here !!! Your Box 0wn3d By Deface Team We Love Iran Ashiyane Digital Security Team Special Thanks to Ashiyane Defacers & Programmers Team I Don’t Know Any […]


Apple iPhone 3G

Finally the iPhone 3G is officially released. The main features are 3G, thinner edges, full plastic back, flush headphone jack, and the iPhone 2.0 firmware .They’re also making sure it’s available all over internationally, works with enterprises, runs 3rd party apps… and does it all for cheaper. Apple claims its 3G speeds trounce the competition, with pageloads 36% faster than the N95 and Treo 750 — and of course it completely trounces the old EDGE […]


Firefox Download Day: Set a Guinness World Record Enjoy a Better Web

What is Download Day? Download Day is Mozilla’s attempt to set a world record for the most software downloads in 24 hours and will occur on Firefox 3 launch day. When is Download Day? Download Day will coincide with the general availability of Firefox 3. The clock will start ticking when Firefox 3 goes out the door! They don’t have a definitive date for Firefox 3 yet, but it should be in June. How do […]



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