So called life?

TearsLast year, same night: “Why you are crying? Please stop dear…
Yes, you cried when I gave you that surprise birthday gift. You were getting ready to for that journey, but I never thought that it will become the end of our journey. You cried because you didn’t get a chance to give me a surprise. But I got it now, the unforgetable surprise of my life. I wonder how the life is changed in one year,they just pass us by,Seems like yesterday. I wonder why the God changed our minds if we don’t have a way to fullfill our dreams.. Hmm. well so called life??

I wish you were with me, to wish you happy birthaty, to give you another surprise, to …….

I know itz just a dream.. I know my wishes wont reach you there.. But still “Wish you Happy Birthday” in advance.

Happy Birthday Dear

Happy Birthday Dear

When my friend told this story, I felt some sort of feelings in my heart, may be because I remember about my friend. So I thought will blog it.

Life Is So Uncertain and you have to face it. Friends, family, lover, Happines, sadness, laugh, cry, pain and alltogether called life. If anything happend which make you sad, you can say “Fate”, just to make you feel that itz happend not because of you or simply to feel better. Do what you like to do(but it wont affect anyone else), your true might be false in some other’s view.

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Author: Arun Vishnu

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