i wish i could go back

Now I am in my home… sitting alone in my room.. bit bored.. reading news, blogs , office mails etc. Looking outside.. itz raining.. flashing good old memories.. 1 year before..

6: endu chyea.. onnu vegam type cheyunundoo…

AM: da kanna u der?

Sr: hello dear..

K: hii

Aha Ellarum ethiyallo…den invi 2 join in yahoo conf:.

Yes…im chating with my friends.. All night i used to chat with my close friends.. all laughing..screaming.. small small fights.. i never felt alone or bored in those days..

Now all are busy. .. Chennai, Bangalore etc.. in different locations.. Late night works, deadlines.. When we all will meet again? Hmm.. Never. .. Never again.. they will.. but i am out. .. itz hurting me a lot. No fights.. no pinakkams…All are in touch..mails..messages.. except one.. something happened between me and ____. We were very close…. but something happened. .. now we are far away.. or we forced to move away.

Tears in eyes.. i wish i could go back..But yes.. no delete button or backspace in life. Changes are inevitable. Past is real and the future is dream. ..

Itz sad but true that, the worst pain in life is when someone you “KNOW” turns in to someone you “KNEW”.

Miss you all….

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Author: Arun Vishnu

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  • touching blog. Keep it up. May be you will be able to meet them later


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