2008: I think I had a bad year

December 19th, I was trying to watch a movie.  mood for that. Hmm.2008. only few more days for the New Year.  So.. This is the time to look back and .. actually this year I don’t have any memorable happy moments.. but i have a lot of memorable moments. Some of them was the wonderful moments of my life. But now it is hurting. 

January and feb.. a mix of good and bad things. But after that.. many sleep less days…and some days I slept more than 18 hours. Many medical leaves, chickenpox, minor accidents..lost friends.. broken dreams..  Well.. I wish to delete this year from my life. But.. I think all the incidents happend in this year is the result of the things that I have done in my previous years. So deleting this year may not work. Hmm.. anyway my previous years were wonderfull..


All these things happend in this year is may b for my good or may be for my bad. But now itz 🙁 ; Only time can prove that. Compared to the other incidents I have faced; this year I faced 1st failure in my life. I want it to be the last. Past is past.. Thinking about the future.. Hmm.. I can’t predict. I wish for a happy and prosperous year… But still I am scared about some special days of 2009. Red or black days of my 2009. 

I wrote this on 19. Then didn’t get time to post. Now @ home, on annual leave. Installed Ubuntu in my laptop. Now installiing other applications. Want to download the updates and installation files. Since I am using BSNL Dataone connection, the free net time is 2AM-8AM. So all the big downloadings are done during that time. So have to wait 30 more minutes to start. Now let me select which all applications needs to be downloaded… Mainly codecs, dev applications. Ok.. byee

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Author: Arun Vishnu

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